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Mar3 AI - Pioneering AI SocialFi for Creators

The Mar3 AI roadmap outlines the company's future goals and objectives for pioneering AI-based utility products, expanding its AI model (MAR3 AI), embracing the potential of SocialFi, developing layer-2 blockchain, and an ecosystem of DApps and utilities.
This roadmap informs our audience of the planned features and releases, while also serving as a guide for developing and directing the business and its technology. The Mar3 AI plan emphasizes innovation and expansion and showcases the company's dedication to pushing the boundaries of AI and SocialFi technology.

Q1&Q2 2023:

Status: Completed
  • The idea of MAR3 AI was born
  • Business Model Mar3AI
  • Build Website Mar3AI
  • Release Pitchdeck v1.0
  • Release (v1.0 whitepaper)

Q3 2023:

Status: Completed
  • Build Community Channel
  • Launch of MAR3 ID name services
  • Launch Website
  • Launch Mar3 AI Testnet

Q4 2023:

Status: In Progress
  • Launch Mar3.Tech Aplha Test
  • Release (v2.0 whitepaper)
  • Release Mobile App Mar3AI
  • Ambassador Program
  • Marketing & Community growth
  • Airdrop Campaign

Q1 2024:

  • Launch Mar3.Tech Beta Test
  • IDO & Listing Mar3 Token
  • Launch of M3P (MAR3 Point)
  • Launch Airdrop Campaign
  • Launch Staking Pool

Q2 2024:

  • Launch Mar3.Tech Mainnet
  • Launch Social2Earn Feature
  • Growth User & Partnership
  • Release Marketplace

Q3 2024:

  • Launch Mar3 Votes Feature
  • Launch Social Video Feature
  • Launch Video AI Feature
  • Launch Post Donate Feature

Q4 2024:

  • Launch Mar3.Tech Ver 2.0
  • Development SDK & APIs
  • Advanced AI Model Development
  • Launch of MAR3 AI Campaign
The roadmap outlined above provides a glimpse into the platform's ambitious plans and the milestones it aims to achieve in the coming years. With a strong focus on innovation, community building, and user acquisition, MAR3 AI is well positioned to make a significant impact on Web3 and provide users with cutting-edge tools and services.
The future looks bright for MAR3 AI and we cannot wait to see what it has in store for the Web3 industry.