Staking & Farming

Staking is a process that enables holders of the $MAR3 token to earn rewards and benefits within the network by locking up their tokens, contributing to the network's security and stability, all while maintaining the stability of the $MAR3 Token price. By staking your tokens, you have the opportunity to earn rewards, creating an incentive for active participation in our ecosystem. The more tokens you stake, the greater your potential earnings, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience.

To participate in staking, users need to lock up a specific amount of $MAR3 tokens for a predetermined period, which can vary depending on the staking program. During this locked period, the tokens cannot be utilized, but users can enjoy the benefits of the staking program, such as earning interest or receiving discounts on trading fees.

Overall, staking the $MAR3 token can be a lucrative and advantageous way to engage with the network, as it motivates users to actively support and secure the platform while reaping rewards in return.

The steps to Staking are as follows:

  • Go to: and Connect Wallet

  • Personal Wallet link has just Connected with Mar3 Wallet + Twitter

  • Select Staking Pool and Proceed to Staking

Here are the details of the Staking Pools:

Type Pool 1: (Staking Pool)

  • Capacity: 48,392,895.83 $MAR3

  • APY: 15%

  • Duration time: 45 days

Type Pool 2: (Staking Pool)

  • Capacity: 61,590,958.33 $MAR3

  • APY: 25%

  • Duration time: 90 days

Type Pool 3: (Staking Pool)

  • Capacity: 61,590,958.33 $MAR3

  • APY: 30%

  • Duration time: 180 days

Type Pool 4: (Staking Pool)

  • Capacity: 48,392,895.83 $MAR3

  • APY: 45%

  • Duration time: 360 days

Type Pool 5: (Liquidity Staking)

  • Capacity: 219,967,708.33 $MAR3-LP-USDT

  • APY: 40%

  • Duration time: 60 days

Special benefits: Will be updated on Jan 15th.

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