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MAR3 Social to Earn

MAR3 Social to Earn Model: Powering Engagement and Earnings

The MAR3 Social to Earn Model is a groundbreaking platform that empowers users to engage actively with the MAR3 AI ecosystem and earn valuable Energy Points (M3P) in the process. These Energy Points can be converted into MAR3 Tokens through a staking mechanism, creating a unique symbiotic relationship between users and the AI system.

Primary Methods for Earning Energy Points (M3P)

Users accrue M3P through their active engagement across the Mar3 ecosystem. Here's how the M3P rewards unfold:

1. Referral Commission:

  • Welcome to the world of networking. By referring friends and fellow enthusiasts to Mar3, users unlock enticing M3P rewards. The more you share, the more M3P you earn.

2. Holding Key:

  • For the key holders, loyalty brings its own rewards. The more keys you own, the more M3P you accumulate. Your commitment is not just appreciated; it's rewarded.

3. Holder Key:

  • As a holder of keys, you're at the center of our loyalty network. The more users who own the keys linked to you, the more M3P flows into your digital treasure chest.
4. Task AI:
  • Interacting with MAR3's cutting-edge AI tools is not just enlightening; it's rewarding. Completing AI tasks will see your M3P balance grow.

5. Trading Volume:

  • Sharpen your trading skills, as the more you trade, the more M3P points you earn. It's a win-win for our active traders.

Earning Energy Points from Social Interactions and Airdrop Phases

In addition to the core avenues mentioned above, users can also amass Energy Points (M3P) by actively participating in MAR3's vibrant social community and engaging with Airdrop phases. Social interactions within the MAR3 platform can lead to the accrual of these points, rewarding users for their active presence and contributions. Furthermore, during Airdrop phases, users are encouraged to engage actively. The more active the participation, the more Energy Points users can accumulate, thereby recognizing their valuable contributions.
The MAR3 AI2Earn Model places a premium on active engagement, ensuring that users are rewarded not only for their interactions with MAR3.TECH & MAR3.AI but also for their contributions to the broader MAR3 community. As users earn Energy Points through these activities, they can convert them into MAR3 Tokens, effectively translating their engagement into tangible value.
This innovative model not only encourages users to explore and leverage the capabilities of AI but also rewards their active participation, making it a truly symbiotic relationship where both the user and the MAR3 AI system benefit and grow.
  • M3P is a loyalty point system in MAR3 AI project
  • When earned, M3P can be exchanged for MAR3 Tokens at a certain rate
  • Weekly or monthly, the project will allocate a portion of the total MAR3 Tokens for mining to reward users who own M3P
  • Users can bring their existing M3P to the Pool Earning Stake to receive Tokens, and the amount of Tokens will be shared based on the M3P ratio that the user has in the total pool
  • The Pool Earning Stake system incentivizes users to hold onto their M3P and stake it to earn more MAR3 Tokens. This creates a sustainable and growing ecosystem for the MAR3 AI project.