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Mining Feature: Uncover Riches in the Mar3 Landscape


  • The Mining Feature offers users the opportunity to unearth rewards within the expansive world of Mar3.
  • Presented as an interactive Map Landing, users can strategically select one or more plots to commence their mining endeavors.

Participation Requirements:

  • To engage in this feature, users must meet specific criteria:
    • Possess a profile on the Mar3 Platform.
    • Hold a designated quantity of Keys.
    • Stake Mar3 Tokens.

Reward System:

  • Each mining plot initiates with a base mining power that varies based on the user's profile quality and level.
  • Rewards for each plot evolve as users progress through different levels.
  • Fixed items that can be mined at each plot include:
    • M3P (Loyalty Points)
    • Credit (Platform Credits)
  • Serendipitous discoveries may include:
    • ETH (Ethereum)
    • Mar3 Token (Native Token)
    • USDT (Tether - Stablecoin)
Embark on your mining journey, strategically choosing plots, and watch as the Mar3 landscape unfolds its treasures. The Mining Feature blends strategy, profile quality, and leveling for an engaging and rewarding experience within the Mar3 AI ecosystem.