❓What is Virtual Pet?

Mar3 Virtual Pet is a platform that combines the fun of owning virtual pets with the potential of blockchain technology. It provides a dynamic and engaging environment for users to raise, care for, and trade their virtual friends.

Key features:

  • Pet raising: Users can raise and care for virtual pets, building a bond that reflects pet ownership in the real world.

  • Farming: Pet owners can cultivate a virtual farm to earn rewards for their pets.

  • Social Quests: Users can explore the Twitter feed to find hidden chests that contain rewards for their pets.

  • Pet Care: Users can purchase food and drink items to care for their pets, which will increase their growth rate.

  • Lucky Spin: Users can use MAR3 tokens to spin a wheel of fortune for a chance to win rewards.

  • Earn Together: Users can collaborate with each other to earn rewards.

  • Marketplace: Users can buy, sell, and trade pets and related items on the marketplace.

  • PvP: Users can compete against each other in PvP battles to earn MPET tokens.

  • Loan: Users can use their assets as collateral to borrow MPET tokens.

  • Conversion: Users can exchange between MP and MPET tokens.

  • Revenue Sharing: Mar3 Virtual Pet shares a portion of its revenue with the community.

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