Social Misson

In Virtual Pet, Social Missions will have a similar mechanism to what is currently happening in When users participate in completing the assigned Social Missions, they will receive attractive rewards.

Daily Reward Opportunities

Each day, you have the opportunity to open two rewards on Mar3's Twitter feed. This means that twice a day, you can discover exciting rewards for you and your pet.

Explore the Newsfeed

When you browse Mar3's Twitter feed, keep an eye out for three random posts that contain hidden chests. These posts serve as gateways to potential treasures.

What's Inside

When you open a chest, you can expect to find a variety of valuable items. These include:

  • MPET: A special token with significant value in the Mar3 Virtual Pet ecosystem

  • Food: Essential to keep your pet well-fed and healthy

Reward Balance

The rewards you receive when opening chests are carefully balanced to enhance gameplay. As your pet's level increases, the contents of the chest may change to maintain a fair and engaging experience for all players.

So, keep an eye out for hidden chests in Twitter posts. Each one is an opportunity to enrich your pet's life with essential items and tokens that contribute to their happiness and prosperity in the Mar3 Virtual Pet world. Happy hunting!

This feature is a great way to get rewarded for being a part of the Mar3 community. By participating in Social Missions, you can earn valuable rewards that can help you grow your pet and your community.

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