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What is MAR ID

MAR3 ID (@username.mar3) is a name service network for different blockchains. Users can have their own web3 domain on MAR3 ecosystem. They can also trade and manage different domains, similar to the Ethereum Name Service.
Web3 domains are human-readable names that can be used to access decentralized applications (DApps), smart contracts and NFTs.

How Does MAR3 ID Work?

MAR3 ID is built on a modular and scalable architecture that comprises two main components: the MAR3 ID Protocol and the MAR3 ID Platform.
The MAR3 ID protocol is a set of smart contracts that provide the core functionality of web3 domain registration, resolution, management and governance. With MAR3 ID Protocol, you are in control. You own your ID, where you use it, how you use it, and even how you monetize it. That means you have the power over your ID, and it’s all right there, as an NFT, in your wallet. It’s not just easy. It’s how digital identity should be: yours. The protocol also supports domains with the like '.mar3', as well as custom domains that can be launched by communities.
The MAR3 ID Platform offers a user-friendly interface for users to interact with the protocol. The platform provides various features, such as domain discovery, registration, trading, management, and referral. It also integrates with major DApps and wallets on MAR3 to provide seamless web3 domain usage. Additionally, the platform provides a Web3 Name SDK and API for developers.