Rasing Pet

Pet raising

After choosing your virtual pet, you will become their best friend, ensuring they are always happy and healthy. Feed them, play with them, and watch them grow strong and happy in this special digital world.

In Mar3, Virtual Pet will have 2 versions: Dog and Cat with 10 different appearances.

Health is important

Like humans, pets have their own way of expressing their emotions. Your pet has three important health bars to indicate their level of health. Every few hours, they will feel a little hungry and lose one health bar. It is up to you to feed them and keep them in good condition.

Taking care of your pet is like being a good friend. Give them lots of love, feed them, and make sure they have everything they need. When your pet is happy, they will perform better and that means you will receive more rewards.

In Mar3's Virtual Pet, there will be items including food and drinks to maintain the health and lifespan of pets. In addition, there are decorative items to diversify the living space of pets.

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