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Revenue Stream

At Mar3 AI SocialFi, we've designed a dynamic revenue model to ensure the sustainability and growth of our platform. Here's a detailed breakdown of our revenue streams:
  • Transaction Fees:
    • We charge a 5% transaction fee on all key sales for admission to our customizable, pay-per-group communities. This fee helps support the platform's operations and continuous improvements.
  • Donation Fees:
    • Within groups, we've introduced a 5% fee on donations. This fee contributes to the maintenance and enhancement of our community-centric features.
  • Ad Revenue (Future Plans):
    • Our future roadmap includes the integration of an ad-based revenue model. This model will be activated when we achieve specific user growth milestones. It will introduce a new layer of profitability, providing value to both our users and advertisers.
  • Future Protocols:
    • Our long-term vision is to develop and implement new application protocols within the Mar3 ecosystem. These protocols will expand our capabilities and diversify our revenue streams, ensuring the sustainability and prosperity of our platform.
With these diverse revenue streams, Mar3 AI SocialFi is committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for our users while continuously advancing our platform's features and offerings.