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Mar3 Votes: Shaping the Mar3 Ecosystem

Mar3 Votes serve as a parallel component to Mar3 Keys, with a unique focus on inviting creators to join the Mar3 platform. These Votes are a means for users to express their enthusiasm and expectations for creators who have yet to be a part of the Mar3 community. Here's a closer look at the role and workings of Mar3 Votes:

1. Encouraging Creators to Join:

  • Mar3 Votes are a form of digital anticipation and encouragement, aimed at creators who are not currently on the Mar3 platform.

  • Users can cast Votes for prospective creators, thereby expressing their desire for these creators to join Mar3 and become a part of the ecosystem.

2. Transforming Votes into Keys:

  • Should a creator respond to the call and decide to join Mar3, the Votes attributed to that creator will be converted into Mar3 Keys.

  • This transformation allows for a seamless transition from anticipating a creator's participation to unlocking the features and benefits within the Mar3 ecosystem.

3. Transaction Fees:

  • To support the sustained growth and functioning of the Mar3 ecosystem, a 10% fee is applied to all transactions involving Votes or Keys.

  • Specifically, when trading Votes, 5% is allocated to the platform for operational and development purposes, while the remaining 5% is reserved for creators who participate and accept the Votes.

  • In the event a creator doesn't engage within six months of initial Vote acquisition, the platform redistributes the fees to the original Voters.

4. Empowering the Mar3 Community:

  • Holders of Mar3 Votes unlock exclusive group chats where they can collaborate on strategies to attract and onboard creators.

  • When trading Mar3 Keys, 5% of the transaction amount is directed to the creator, acknowledging and incentivizing their participation, while another 5% contributes to the platform's continuous growth.

In essence, Mar3 Votes are not just a symbol of anticipation; they are a powerful catalyst for creator engagement and ecosystem expansion. By casting Votes, users actively contribute to shaping the Mar3 platform while benefiting from exclusive community features and the potential to acquire Mar3 Keys.

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