In Mar3 Virtual Pet, your pet has the opportunity to own and manage a virtual farm. This farm serves as a dedicated space for your pet to work hard and earn valuable MPET tokens for you, the owner. Here's how it all works:

Basic concepts of pet farming

Your pet's farm is a special area where they participate in production activities to create MP, and those MP will be automatically converted to MPET. These MPET tokens are valuable in the Mar3 Virtual Pet ecosystem.

Purpose of using the farm

The farm serves as a place to nurture your pet and help them level up. To achieve this, we have designed a cyclical process for you. With each completed cycle, you will receive the exact amount of MPET that you invested and a higher level for your pet.

Here is the cyclical model of the farm:

All pets at Level 5 will participate and contribute to the farm. Every time you upgrade your pet to a higher level, the farm will automatically generate a certain amount of MP over time (the higher the level of the pet, the faster the MP generation process). MPET in the farm can be claimed to your wallet after every 1 hour. After claiming, a cycle ends and you receive an amount of MPET equivalent to the amount of MPET you initially invested to upgrade your pet and your pet is now at a higher level. If you continue to use the MPET you just claimed to upgrade your pet further, you will start a new cycle.

This cyclical system in the farm works like a flywheel, allowing your pet to gradually level up, increase MP generation speed, and give you an advantage in PvP mode.

Moreover, participating in Farm ensures that your invested MPET is never lost and your investment is still secured.

Increasing income in the farm:

Upgrading your pet:

Investing in the growth and development of your pet is key to increasing income from the farm. By upgrading your pet's skills and abilities, you increase their productivity in the farm, leading to higher MPET output.

Participating in the "Earn Together" program:

Collaboration is a powerful tool in Mar3 Virtual Pet. By participating in the "Earn Together" program, your pet can work together with other pets, enhance their collective efforts, and ultimately increase the overall productivity of the farm.

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