The Mar3 Virtual Pet conversion system provides a simple way for users to convert between MPET and MP tokens. Here's how it works:

Conversion rate: 1 MP = 1 MPET

Converting MP to MPET:

The conversion system in Mar3 Virtual Pet allows users to easily convert MP tokens to MPET.

Daily allocation management and inflation prevention:

Each day, a specific supply of MPET is allocated to support the conversion of MP to MPET.

To control the supply of MPET being put into circulation and prevent the long-term inflation of the MPET currency, we must carefully design all actions related to putting more MPET into circulation. Since the amount of MPET allocated to withdraw through the conversion mechanism is fixed daily, while user demand is very flexible, we will implement a queue mechanism for those who want to convert MP to MPET.

Queue system and FCFS mechanism:

Each user can only place a conversion order of up to 200 MP at a time. After the withdrawal order is completed, they can place another conversion order. Each user who places a conversion order is considered to be in the queue. The larger the queue, the longer it may take to receive MPET tokens. This follows the First Come First Serve (FCFS) mechanism widely adopted in the cryptocurrency market.

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